Two Sun Fire V120 servers in a cluster ?

Two Sun Fire V120 servers in a cluster ?

Post by Juraj Markoti » Sat, 26 Oct 2002 06:12:21

Soon I'll be getting two Sun Fire V120 servers. Is it possible to put them
in cluster ?
Should I use Sun Cluster software ? Does it come with server or need to be
purchased separately ?
Server should act as general Internet server (for mail it runs sendmail,
squid as proxy server, DNS server, and couple of other services). Can those
general serevices be clustered (service failover from one node to other) or
I need to have cluster aware apps for that.
I would put some FC cards to connect to external EMC disks (shared disks).
I don't know much about cluster technology so this would be the way for me
to learn it. I just want to know if I have right equipment for that.



1. Brand new Sun Fire V120 - can't find ethernet ports

I've just setup a V120 and it seems OK, except that it doesn't see the
ethernet ports.  I started by connecting the "Net 0" port to a hub (which
is live and connected to the rest of the network) and the "LINK" light came
on.  Then booted up (for the first time) and tried to do the network
config - and it kept saying there was an error setting the IP address on
the interface.  Eventually, after playing this game for a while (trying
various answers to the questions), I told it that it wasn't networked and
was able to get it setup and logged in as root.  Then, I did: ifconfig -a
and it says lo0 (loopback) is the only device.  Note that throughout all
this, the LINK light glowed peacefully.

Barring an actual hardware problem, is there some software/LOM/OpenBoot
"magic bullet" to make it work?

P.S.  As far as I can tell, the interfaces should be eri0 and eri1.  We
also did the various hardware tests (obdiag) in the OpenBoot and they all
reported success.

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