Mail Exchange PC (MIME) <-> Solaris (MIME)

Mail Exchange PC (MIME) <-> Solaris (MIME)

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Hi mail-freaks!

I would like to be able to exchange my Mails with PC users. I use dtmail

from the Solaris 2.5 Common Desktop Environment, which generates mails
in MIME format. The PC users sent mails also in MIME format.
Nevertheless I have problems with the attachments.

  * A PC generated mail with a MS-Word document attached, has only
    "Attachment"  an name for the Word document in my UNIX environment.

  * Forwarding this mail back to the PC will cause a loss of the name
    of the Word document. The name is changed to "Attachment" in the
    PC-Environment too.

  * A UNIX generated mail with an attachment shoult keep the name of
    the attachment, even if it's sent to the PC.

After a study of rfc2045-2049 and rfc2183 and various testmails, here
is what I've figured out:

Here is an example of a PC generated header of an attachment:

   ------ =NextPart_000.......
   Content-Type: application/msword;
   Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
   Content-Disposition: attachment;

Forwarding this mail with dtmail changes the header to

   Content-Type: application/octet-stream
   Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
   Content-MD5: mE1dek8j0hbo4++BzpgntA==
   Content-Description: Attachment
   X-Sun-Data-Type: default-app

-> The name on the attachment is lost.

I seems to me, that the PC tracks the names of attachments in the
[optional] header field Content-Disposition, while dtmail expects
it in the [optional] field Content-Description.

My Question is: Is there a chance, to make my PC aun my UNIX
environment understanding each other? I mean both speak MIME. It
is annoying, to reveive mails with multiple attachments, all
called "Attachment".

My ideas for a solution:

  1) Insert a filter in the mail receiving process in the UNIX
     environment. This could be achived by the .forward |
     -mechanism. Does anyone know suitable filters?

  2) Some hidden options or patches to tell dtmail, not to rewrite
     the PC generated header info in case of the forward?

  3) The use of an other user mail client in the UNIX environment
     is NOT suitable, except it can handle the Solaris defined
     attachment format "x-sun-attachment" as well as the MIME

Your suggestions are appreciated.




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