Solaris 7 x86 and AIC-7896 Troubles!

Solaris 7 x86 and AIC-7896 Troubles!

Post by J.Halber » Wed, 23 Jun 1999 04:00:00


Can anyone point me in the right direction in
installing Solaris 7 on a
dual PII motherboard with a built-in AIC-7896 SCSI controller?
I downloaded patch 107867-02 and the installation is successful,
but the machine won't complete the boot
afterwards. (I have also used
107573-06 in the past with the same results.)

There seems to be lots of traffic about U2 controllers.
Has anyone been successfull with this type of controller?

James Halbert


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I'm having severe trouble installing FreeBSD 3.4 in a Pentium-III, 600
MHZ, 256 MB RAM with an
ADAPTEC AIC-7896 on-board SCSI adapter. After booting from diskette, and
resolving the conflicts from the visual menu,writing and quitting, it
goes on like this:

Waiting for 15 seconds for SCSI devices.
panic: ahc2 sequencer parity error at seqaddress = 0x49 ( or 0x162)

Whatever could be wrong?? All help appreciated...

Thanos Siaperas

I also tried installing from diskettes other OSes like Redhat and
SuSE linux, also to no avail. Do I have a hardware problem ? Thanks.

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