Solaris 2.5 PPP / Dynamic IP / Routing Issues

Solaris 2.5 PPP / Dynamic IP / Routing Issues

Post by Bob Friesenhah » Sun, 31 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I am using Solaris 2.5's PPP to connect to my Internet provider's
Livingston Portmaster router. In order to support the dynamic
address assignment, I am using the "negotiate_address on" option.
This works just fine.  Both ends of the plumbed connection are
assigned addresses by the Portmaster.  I then use the
"default_route" option to have aspppd assign this path as the
default route when the connection is up.

Things are not perfect however.  The default route mechanism does
not do what I want.  The ideal situation is that a default route
exists that will automatically bring up the link as required.  If
I place an entry in /etc/defaultrouter I can bring up the link
automatically just once.  Unfortunately, the default route aspppd
configures *adds* a second default route and then removes it once
the link drops.  Furthermore, the plumbing established via ifconfig
now has a new set of IP addresses that breaks the previously
established default route.

Does anyone know of any tricks that can be employed to resolve this
problem?  Perhaps some tweaks in the /etc/networks & /etc/gateways

Is it possible to set up a route based on interface name rather than
IP address?  This would seem to be the answer to my problem.


Bob Friesenhahn


1. Solaris 2.5 PPP dynamic ip

In defense of 2.5, it is there in the aspppd man page:

     negotiate_address ( on | off )
                Indicates whether or not local IP address  assign-
                ment  is obtained through negotiation and assigned
                dynamically. If enabled, the local address will be
                obtained  from  the remote end of the PPP link. If
                so obtained, any local address other than
                can  be used to initially configure the interface.
                The default is to negotiate (on).

Still, shoudn't they have written some kind of ppptool to go
with aspppd?  

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