REPOST: Solaris 2.4 Sendmail / handing-off mail

REPOST: Solaris 2.4 Sendmail / handing-off mail

Post by art.mul.. » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

  I've installed solaris 2.4 on my Sparc 5 and I'm having
  trouble getting the stock sendmail properly configured.
  (Yes, I'm a sendmail newbie)

  Local mail delivery (local to that machine) seems to work
  fine, but I all other mail should be handed off to our mail-delivery
  machine.  I can't seem to configure this right in the file.

  I've tried reading the fine manual, the fine FAQ, and any other
  sendmail information that I can find.  Unfortunately(?) most 3rd
  party documents are talking about sendmail version 8.x which does not
  match the stock solaris sendmail.  I'd like to avoid having to
  install a 3rd party sendmail, as I want to keep the system as
  standard 'plain vanilla' as possible - and my requirements don't seem
  that onerous.

  I'm using the stock as my with these

    ## # delete the following if you have no sendmailvars table
    ## Lmmaildomain

    ## change this, as we use

    # major relay host
    ## DRmailhost
    ## CRmailhost
    ## - mailhub = bock.ucs currently.  (Art M, Nov 20/95)

  Can anyone provide any pointers to what I'm doing wrong?  One thing
  that I've noticed is that if I telnet to the smtp port of my machine,
  I only see the 'plain' hostname and not the fully qualified domain
  name.  This is different than other mail machines.  Could it be that
  my sendmail is fine, but that some other config file is messed up>

  The system is standalone, using DNS-only and no NIS,
  /etc/nsswitch.conf has been updated.

thanks, email preferred,

              ( Sys Admin / Support Analyst, Network Resources )
              ( Computing and Network Services, U of Alberta, Edmonton      )


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I'm sure its something simple but I am at wits end.

thanks in advance.


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