synchronize the CPU and Storage Array boot up

synchronize the CPU and Storage Array boot up

Post by Dennis Youn » Sat, 20 Sep 1997 04:00:00

When the CPU (Ultra1 running Solaris) and a SSA are booted up
(powered up) at the same time, do I need to delay the CPU
boot up in order to let the SSA fully boot up first,
otherwise the CPU may not be able to mount the file systems
in the SSA?
If I need to delay the CPU boot up, what's the best way to
do it?


1. Solaris 10 / Kernel Tunables / Storage HBA's / Storage Arrays

Hi all,

quick question - working on a automated solaris 10 build for our
customers, and they support a number of different HBA's and Storage
arrays - I wonder if anyone has come across a good reference point for
suggested Kernel Tunables for storage within solaris

for some of detail - HBA's are a mix of the usual suspects from Emulex
and Qlogic
Storage arrays are (again) usual suspects from EMC / HDS etc.

any words of wisdom would be greatfully recieved.

Many thanks,


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