Is there a dos package on solaris to use mdir/mcopy...

Is there a dos package on solaris to use mdir/mcopy...

Post by Varimetrix Corporatio » Wed, 04 Oct 1995 04:00:00

To read my diskette I have to do a volcheck
then go to /vol/dev/aliases and read whats on the disk

But was wondering if mdir/mcopy and such dos tools
were available for solaris 2.4

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1. mcopy/mdir for FreeBSD

I am trying to locate the mcopy and mdir programs for FeeBSD. Are they
available? Where?

I would like to be able to copy MSDOS files to my FreeBSD laptop, but when
the disk isDOS formatted I cannot mount it (mount: /dev/fd0c on /mnt/floppy:
incorrect super block) to copy the files over. On BSDi UNIX they have
several commands that allow you to access floppies that are DOS formatted.
Just wondering if there were any similar programs available in FreeBSD.

Any directions to the requested programs, or other suitable means of
accessing my DOS Floppies would be greatly appreciated.

Brian A Kee

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