Wheel/Scroll mouse in Solaris 7?

Wheel/Scroll mouse in Solaris 7?

Post by QE_Teste » Sat, 15 Sep 2001 04:24:17

Is it possible to use a wheel/scroll mouse in Solaris 7 running on a Sun
machine (not x86)?  If so, where can I find the necessary setup

Thanks to anybody who can definitively answer this.



1. Caldera 2.2 and Logitech First Mouse + (w/ Wheel) and MS Wheel Mouse

Sorry that I am posting this question to a few groups.  I need to get the
answer ASAP for a reason ....

I am using Caldera 2.2.  Somehow I can never get the wheel on my Logitech
First Mouse+ to work.  In XF86Setup, I can't find the appropriate driver for
it.  Is there a driver for it at all?  However, choosing MouseManPlus PS/2
seems to allow the mouse to work fine except the wheel is being ignored.

Also, I tried to switch to the MS Wheel mouse (the cheaper one, not
IntelliMouse), and tried to choose IntelliMouse as the driver.  The mouse
behaves like crazy!  Is this not an appropriate driver for it?  Where can I
find a driver for MS Wheel mouse?

Thanks very much in advance.


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