set the nice level for a user

set the nice level for a user

Post by Maurizio Garavagli » Wed, 10 Dec 1997 04:00:00

How can I set the nice level for the processes of a specific user??
I think I have to use priocntl but I've not understood how!



1. Setting nice levels on users.


Is there a way for the sysadmin to set an account to change
that user's nice default from zero to some other number?

My problem is that certain users run CPU intensive background
jobs and forget to nice them so they don't interfere with
interactive processes.  Every time I come in I find myself
doing a ps -glxa and then renicing their processes for them.
I'm tired of doing it and would like to just renice their
accounts once and for all.

                                         gregg hanna


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