Reading flat ascii file from 9-track

Reading flat ascii file from 9-track

Post by Dale A Moo » Tue, 13 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,
        I'm trying to read a file that is on a 9-track (round reel)
tape.  Is there a command to read this type of file?  I've tried
tar, cpio, and ufsrestore with apsolutely no luck.  This file has
been copied onto the tape from a IBM 3090 mainframe and the programmer
says it has been copied as an ascii file.  Any help or pointers to
information would be greatly appreciated.




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1. 9-track tape read problems

Greetings, all. I'm dealing with AIX on a midsize RS/6000 for a client,
and having come from a purely System 5 background, there are a few things
that are throwing me. I'm never sure if something is wrong, or if something
is just weird. I'm learning, though. B-)

Anyway- we're trying to read a "normal" ascii 9-track tape (created on one
of the IBM mainframe) via the SCSI 9-track supplied with the RS/6000. All
we need is a bit stream; dd if=/dev/rmt1 of=$HOME/tmp should work- and it
does on every other UNIX I've worked with. It does NOT work on AIX.

Changes in blocksize and so-forth only give me a "dd: Not enough memory"-
and this I can't believe, since we're testing a ~200k tape on a 64MB

Obviously, I'm missing some key piece of information, or this is yet another
thing that AIX does in its own way, so, if anyone out there has managed to
read a 9-track mainframe tape on a RS/6000, please let me know how you
managed it. Thanks in advance,


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