Moving DiskSuite 4.0 stripe between controllers

Moving DiskSuite 4.0 stripe between controllers

Post by Chris Brann » Sat, 24 May 1997 04:00:00


Anyone know how I can move a stripe created with DiskSuite 4.0 to a
different controller, without losing the data on the stripe?  Everything
else (SCSI id, etc.) will remain the same.  I tried it on a test machine,
and the state databases couldn't figure out what happened.  I couldn't
find any info on this  in the disksuite documentation...

While I'm at it, can you move a stripe or other metadevice between
machines?  I'm thinking that if either is possible, they both are...



1. Moving a DiskSuite array to a different controller

  I need to move a RAID array created with Solstice DiskSuite to a
different controller.  I haven't worked up the guts to just go ahead and do
it yet, because it seems to me that it would need to have the new
information in all the metadb replicas, as well as in /etc/system, and
wherever else it hides away it's data...

  Has anybody done this?  Is there a straightforward way to do it, or if I
just move the drives will it figure things out for itself?

  Any help is very much appreciated,


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