NIS domain names and DNS domain names not matching.

NIS domain names and DNS domain names not matching.

Post by Rick Stuar » Thu, 25 Feb 1999 04:00:00

We are using a Solaris2.5.1 implementation of NIS (Not NIS+, e have SGI
systems on the network).  We have set the -b in the Makefile to resolve
hosts from DNS.  The DNS server has most of our hosts in a domain named
"" and we use the NIS defaultdoamin of ""
There are also systems in midland and zimbabwe in DNS domains
"midland.domain,com" and "".  I would like to be able
to resolve a host from NIS that may be in any of those domains without
specifying the

My /etc/resolv.conf looks like this;

hostresorder bind
search \

from an NIS client, I can ping, but not

The only workaround I have found thus far is to set aliases in DNS like

Anyone have a better solution or a suggestion which might make life
easier?  Yes, I have to do it this way....policy.  No, the NIS/DNS names
below are not real.

Thanks in advance,

Anadarko Petroleum Corp, Houston (281)876-8619

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