forwarding using mail -F protocol (or how to setup a local mailing list).

forwarding using mail -F protocol (or how to setup a local mailing list).

Post by Chris Schmi » Tue, 28 Feb 1995 21:49:54

Here's the situation: Solarix X86 2.1. I'm trying to setup a local
mailing list. I've got everything working just right except...

When someone sends to the list, their name, not the list name, is used
as the return address. No problem, I say. I'll just create a user
called adsnet-l (the name of the list) and put a .forward file together
that will pipe the incoming mail message to sendmail. My .forward file
looks thusly:

"|/usr/lib/sendmail -f adsnet-l adsnet-alias"

Works great, except the "-f" flag, which is supposed to force a return
address doesn't work, *even though the adsnet-l user is a trusted user

Try it interactively, it works just fine.

So, I think to myself, "Hmmm....maybe there's something with the daemon
that sendmail doesn't like to mess with."

I read up on mail. mail has a -F command that allows you to set a
forwarding address. Supposedly, it will execute the forwarding command
as though it were interactive. It's supposed to put a line in the mail
file that says something like "Forward to "|/usr/lib/sendmail -f
adsnet-l adsnet-alias".

The problem is, it doesn't. I can force that line in, and even get a
response back from mailx saying that my mail is being forwarded, but
it's just ignored by sendmail/mail.

Anybody got any help? Basically, I want a local list that will have as
the return address the local list name.




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