Can OW Window Manager "Quit" Option Be Disabled?

Can OW Window Manager "Quit" Option Be Disabled?

Post by Arnie Schoenthal » Sat, 14 May 1994 09:27:40

        Is it possible to:

           Disable the OpenWindows 3.3 Window Manager "Quit" option
           for selected users, so they must always exit an
           application from the application's interface (eg
           selecting "File...  Exit")?

        If someone has done this modification, I'd appreciate
        receiving some advice on how to do it (or at least the name
        of the appropriate command or manual chapter, so I can RTFM).

        If, alternately, such a change is a crime against nature and
        something to be avoided at all costs, I'd be interested in
        hearing that advice also.

        We're running SunOs 5.3 and OpenWindows 3.3 on Sparc

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