Multihomed Hosts - /etc/hosts - NIS+ Maps Question

Multihomed Hosts - /etc/hosts - NIS+ Maps Question

Post by Sean O'Neil » Sat, 25 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hey folks,

I have a question concerning multihomed hosts.  A client of mine
recently asked what was the "standard" method of implementing multihomed
hosts in the /etc/hosts and NIS+ maps.  Which of the below methods is
the prefered way of doing it:  host5 host5fd0  host5 host5le0 host5 host5le1

-- or --  host5fd0 host5  host5le0 host5 host5le1 host5

The reason I ask is that many of you may have noticed a bug in
nisaddentry if you tried to do the above.  Sun has fixed this problem.  
My client is trying to determine the best way to do this.  They have
questions (and so do I) on how applications like 'netstat' will respond
to a request for hostname 'host5'.  It should get back a multiple line
response.  Is this correct?  (That's not my question ... sorry).

What of the two methods above is the accepted "standard" to define a
multihomed host in /etc/hosts or NIS+ maps?  And please give reasons and
examples of application response to your answer.

Thanks in advance!!!

Sean O'Neill
Rapid Systems Solutions, Inc.


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