Locale compilation on Solaris 2.7

Locale compilation on Solaris 2.7

Post by vinst » Wed, 04 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hello all,

We need to create (compile) a new LC_NUMERIC for Solaris. The problem is
that the FAQ that sunsolve provides does not tell us how to do this

Does anybody of you know about (or possibly host) a nice FAQ on how to
create/compile your own set of LC*'s ?


Jakob T?rnkvist
ABB Treasury Center (Sweden) AB


1. trouble with solaris 2.7 jumpstart looking for locale


    i am setting up jumpstart for 2.7 on sun and am having trouble
figuring out why i get a dialog box asking for the locale upon
entering openwindows out of jumpstart.  We are running nis+ on 2.5.1
servers.  We have jumpstart setup fro 2.4, 2.5.1, 2.6 and they all do
not ask for locale.   We have no locale nis+ table and these work fine
and nothing in the jumpstart configurations mention locale.  I tried
adding the locale table for nis+ and it still doesnot work!  Once i
click on "ok" for english/USA jumpstart works fine and never askes
another question.   question: what kinds of data go into the locale
table?  i have been using hostname and en_US and then i used hostname
and US/Eastern.  Neither worked.  Are my permissions incorrect for the
table?  what should they be set to?  does 2.7 use locale whereas 2.5.1
did not???

please help...

me in nc

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