Position in Canada

Position in Canada

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I currently live in Singapore, but my wife is in Canada and I would like to
move there one of these days. I am hoping to gain some information on work
in the systems engineer/programmer/Information Technology profession field in
Canada, in particular Toronto and Ottawa.  I am wondering about such things as
opportunity, pay, job security, future, etc.  Any information on this will be
greatly appreicated. Please send Email to me.



1. Canada - SAP Systems Position

    ** Unix Admin/DBA Systems position in  TORONTO CANADA **

Datahorse is a small, progressive company based in Toronto, Canada who is
currently looking to hire experienced systems people to assist in their
business of consulting to SAP Clients in Canada and the US.

We would like to hire someone who lives in Toronto already, but are willing to
consider candidates from other provinces in Canada.

Individual MUST be able to travel to other provinces and the US. Requirements

- Canadian Citizenship / Landed Immigrant
- Good Communication Skills (Spoken)
- Current Experience in Unix or DBA areas
- Will Travel

Training is a HIGH PRIORITY for us here at Datahorse, and we will be sending
successful candidates to a LOT of very valuable training.

Please Contact Me at :

Phone   : (905) 305-0269 (Press 0 and ask for Jeff Sharpe or Esther Coleman)
Fax     : (905) 305-0289
H-Page: http://idirect.com/~dhi

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9. Canada - SAP Systems Position

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