driver for Miro Crystal 20 SV for Solaris x86 ?

driver for Miro Crystal 20 SV for Solaris x86 ?

Post by Siegmar Gro » Tue, 05 Nov 1996 04:00:00

 I want to install Solaris 2.5.1 x86 at a Pentium Pro with a "Miro Crystal 20SV"
 graphics board. The install programm offers a "Miro Crystal 40 SV" with 2 or 4 MB
 video memory. Unfortunately the "Crystal 40 SV" seems not to be compatible with
 the "Crystal 20 SV" (the monitor complains about "signals out of range"; even if
 I choose only 65 Hz instead of 85 Hz). Does anyone know if there is a driver
 available for my graphics card (it's not in driver update 4)? OpenWin with 640x480
 looks really bad.

 Thanks in advance.


1. Solaris 2.4 for x86 and miro 20 SV ?

 I have installed Solaris 2.4 for x86 on a Pentium 90 system with
 32 RAM, 1 GB hd and Aha 2940 SCSI-controller.  Also, I have got a
 miro 20 SV graphic-card.  Sun says that the following boards are
 miroCRYSTAL 20SD*      PCI  S3 864, S3 SDAC        x  x  x     x     x
 miroCRYSTAL 20SD*      PCI  S3 Vision 864          x  x  x     x     x
 miroCRYSTAL 40SV*      PCI  S3 Vision 964          x  x  x  x  x  x  x

 But there isn`t the miro 20 SV.  Now I was able to install the
 16 color, 640x480

 driver, but no better resolutions.

 Then I tried ELSA WINNER 2000 (2MB)
 and it worked.  I am able to run 12??x1024, but I am not sure if this
 driver is good for my card, or not.

 I have got this board:
 Phoenix S3 Vision964 (Bt9484 DAC) Enhanced VGA BIOS. Version 1.03-03

miroCRYSTAL 20SV PCI Rev.2.13

 --> 2 MB of VRAM,

 Does anyone know if there is a specific driver for the miro 20 SV board, or
 if the ELSA-driver is ok ?

 Thank you very much for your help,

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