IP Routing Problem with Solaris 2.4

IP Routing Problem with Solaris 2.4

Post by Y Badr » Sun, 03 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>Due to a change of company ownership, we recently had to change the IP
>addresses of all machines (PC's Macs, VAXes and Sparcs) from a Class C
>IP address to a subset of a Class B address.  Since then, a new router
>has been brought on line to connect us to the main corporate network.  
>The PC's, Macs and the VAX have no difficulty pinging hosts on the
>other side of this router, however, the Sparcs (running Solaris 2.4)

>The *defaultrouter* file on the Sparcs contains the correct IP address
>for the new router, and they can ping its local side without
>difficulty.  However, I have found (using snoop) that when told to ping
>a host beyond the router, they seem to be sending an ARP request for
>the ethernet address of the distant host, which suggests that they
>think it is on the local network.

Have you remembered to put this entry in /etc/netmasks.

ifconfig will tell you what subnet mask the system thinks applies to an

Quote:>I have tried adding the following entries to the router table one Sparc:

>route add net 1
>route add net 0

No need. This should have already been the case, just by creating
/etc/defaultrouter. netstat -r will show you the routing table.

Quote:>138.225.*.*   is the Class B address of the corporate network,
>138.225.115.* is the our local part of that network,


The above opinions are not my own

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