NFS problems with Solaris 2.1 (FCS) x86

NFS problems with Solaris 2.1 (FCS) x86

Post by Carlos V. Roz » Fri, 02 Jul 1993 06:28:32

Has anyone had problems using Solaris 2.1 to copy files across an an NFS mount

My analysis has shown that 8k blocks are apparently being replaced at random. I
want to check both software and hardware since my machine is the first Solaris
2.1 on our network and I am unfamiliar with how cp is implemented.

Thanks in advance,

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1. gcc Solaris 2.1 x86 (FCS) (2.4.3)


I'm trying to get gcc  2.4.3 to build on my 486/33 running the FCS Solaris 2.1 x86.
The configure utility does have a case statement for compiling gcc for this platform
(I'm using: ./configure i486-unknown-solaris2).

However, the first make (make LANGUAGES=c) is failing on insn-recog.c --
the assembler is choking terribly. I've viewed the *.s file created and there are alot of
"#" signs within the code that I believe are the root of the problem.

Does anyone know how to get around this?  Has anyone successfully gotten gcc to run
on this platform?

Thanks for any pointers/comments you can think of..

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