rlogin can't tell who I am in Solaris 2.1

rlogin can't tell who I am in Solaris 2.1

Post by Peter Bloomfie » Wed, 09 Jun 1993 02:30:49

System:   Sparc Classics running Solaris 2.1 under NIS+
Problem:  rlogin can't get user name
Solution: telnet in first, then rlogin works!

I seem to be suffering an obscure interaction between rlogin and NIS+.  
The first time I rlogin to a host after rebooting it, I get the sequence

sun1% rlogin sun2
Last login: Mon Jun  7 08:25:51 from sun1
Warning: USER environment variable could not be set.
Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.1       Generic December 1992
NFS lookup failed for server server: RPC: Server can't decode arguments

and no prompt.  If I hit ^C, I get a prompt, and ``who'' shows that
I'm logged in, but ``who am i'' responds with ``.''.  I've used
``snoop'' to watch what's going on, and it indicates that sun2 sends
a request to server (the NIS+ master server) of the form

NIS+ C IBlist "passwd.org_dir..." [uid = "123"]

to which the response is

NIS+ R IBlist [Not found]

Yet earlier in the rlogin sequence, there is a transaction

NIS+ C IBlist "passwd.org_dir..." [name = "myuserid"]
NIS+ R IBlist [Success] and 1 object

so it seems that access to the NIS+ passwd table is OK!

If I log in to sun2 on the console or by telnet, and later rlogin
again, I have no problem.  ``snoop'' this time shows success and 1 object
in response to the request for passwd information by [uid = "123"].

Does this indicate that I've set up NIS+ incorrectly?  Thanks for
any suggestions!

Peter Bloomfield


1. upgraded to redhat 2.1, now I can't telnet, rlogin, rsh, ftp..

I understand that there are some chnges going to ELF, but it would
be nice if the other changes to networking, etc. were better documented.
such as a man page for host_access like there is under my non-ELF
slackware.  It appears that the format of the file has been changed.
that is my guess anyway.  also, seems like the syslogging is a little
thin, as i cannot find mention of my attempts to telnet, etc. that
were refused.  Good thing I only converted my personl system, and not
the server.

Any way---
short of going back to my previous set up, how do I re-enable the


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