Need Help with .profile

Need Help with .profile

Post by Ana I. Rodrigu » Wed, 08 Jun 1994 18:41:01


I'm a begginer with Solaris, and I need some help.

I wanted to do the same things I do with my .cshrc in SunOs 4.x.
But I find it very difficult due to my unexperience with Ksh.

My questions are:

1) how to define aliases
2) how can I manage the prompt so that the path is displayed each
time I run a cd command?
3) how can I execute previous commands as the SunOs 4.x format !! or !21?

Thank you in advance,



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        I would greatly appreciate some help getting
profiling to work under Linux. I have read the GCC faq,
but either it is inaccurate/incomplete or something is
broken on my system. What I have tried is compiling
and linking with various combinations of the flags -g
-p and -pg and linking with libgmon. The resulting
program then gives a segmentation fault when run.
I am using gcc 2.5.8 and libc 4.5.19.

                                Frederick Umminger

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