problems creating a statically bound executable

problems creating a statically bound executable

Post by Thomas Kre » Fri, 09 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I tried to create a static version of bash (as it was discussed elsewhere) as
a /bin/sh replacement.
I simply changed -Bdynamic to -Bstatic in the makefile, but then I get
errors, that some libraries where not found. E.g a /usr/lib/libdl.a is missing.
As this seems to be a part of the dynamic linker I would have a problem if
it doesn't exist. But deleting -ldl from the library list gives an error,
that symbols like dlopen, dlclose are missing, but from /usr/lib/libc.a!!!??

When testing other programs to link statically I have same or similar problems.
Additionally /bin/file doesn't seem to be able to distinguish between static and
Dynamic bound executables.

Can someone help me?
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1. Problem to create statically bound binary on AIX 3.2.5

I'm trying to create a statically bound X application on AIX 3.2.5
using xlC.

The flags that I've used are -bnoso -bI:/lib/syscall.exp

I get the following error message:
0706-317 ERROR: Unresolved or undefined symbols detected:
                 Symbols in error (followed by references) are
                 dumped to the load map.
                 The -bloadmap:<filename> option will create a load map.



The error code from the last failed command is 8.

Make Quitting.

Any suggestion or pointer in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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