adding new user with SMC won't create home dir

adding new user with SMC won't create home dir

Post by Jake Goerze » Wed, 11 Feb 2004 03:09:40

I want to delegate user administration to persons not comfortable with
command line tools on a Solaris 9 system.  I would like to use Solaris
Management Console.  When I add a user with SMC the new users home
directory is not created, so I have to manually create the user's home
directory.  How can I have SMC create the home dir's automatically?



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I apologize in advance if this is old material--
I have not been able to get local sysadmins to solve this for me, except
to say "sometimes admintool doesn't work".

I am running Solaris 2.7 and having trouble creating new user accts.
When logged in as myself, I open a root shell [as su, not su - or su -
root] and run admintool. If I select "Add.." when browsing users, I have
a window that sets me up.  Yet, when I specify a path for the home
directory, I am told "Cannot create user's home directory".
The help page for "Adding users" does not specify whether I should type
the path to the parent directory, or include the name of the user's
login in the path as well, so I have tried both.

I have added myself to the sysadmin group 14, no help.
I have created a directory with the user's login name, chmod to give him
rwx permissions, still no go.

I realize I can hack /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow to specify all this--
but then what's the use of admintool?

Somewhere recently on one of these newsgroups I saw a "useradd" script
posted-- is that to deal with this issue?


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