Mounting FAT16 filesystem in extended DOS Partition

Mounting FAT16 filesystem in extended DOS Partition

Post by Nick Grbes » Wed, 12 Sep 2001 19:42:17

JUst wanted to share some info with everyone because it took me a while to
scour through lots of sources to do it. The best explanation that I read
comes from Mariusz Zynel:

THanks Mariusz!

Nick Grbesa
London England


1. how do i mount an extended dos partition or a dos logical partition ?

i need to access/share data with an NT machine (not on a network)
i have 10G removable hard drives
i am trying to put a file system on it to allow access by both linux and
linux won't mount an ntfs file system
the NT person put 4 primary (?) dos partitions on the disk
and if i run fdisk in linux it sees 4 FAT16 partitions
but it will only let me mount the first one

how do i mount the other 3 ?

is there some special way the disk needs to be formated by NT ?

thanks for any help,

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