>>INSTALLING x86 2.4 over a non-SUN network??

>>INSTALLING x86 2.4 over a non-SUN network??

Post by Pelisa Peli » Sat, 27 May 1995 04:00:00

Hi Everyone

I am trying to install my solaris x86 in my pentium 90 which
has no CD and is not SCSI. I hoped that I could install from
a Compaq machine which has a SCSI CD but is running under SCO.
Mounting the solaris CD was no problem but when booting the PC
with the solaris boot disk a message comes up saying that its
looking for the rpld daemon which I gather SCO doesn't have.

Anyone with an idea of what can I do to install solaris under
the circumtances? I have no access to SUN machine or a SUN CD
but would certainly like to get started quite soon. Since I
am in a bit of a hurry I would be grateful I responses could
mailed directly to me as well as posted to this group.

Thank you all in anticipation.


Slightly distressed Sol Novice!