LP subsystem problem

LP subsystem problem

Post by Mark » Fri, 02 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I am running Solaris 2.5.1 on SS-5 and US-1 clients.
I have a HP 4000N using the Jetadmin software. It works fine until there
is a load
(read concentration of print requests) on the system. Then what happens
is it prints a
document with:

This job is recovered from page 152!!
(Note: There may be a few pages duplicated)

The print host does not report a error from lpstat -t
A remote host that was directing a print job to print host shortly after

this error condition reports a error from lpstat -t. Bouncing lpsched
has no effect. Bouncing lpsched on print host clear the condition (that
was never reported)
and proceeds with outstanding print requests.

Is this senario familar to anyone?
Any work arounds?



1. LP Subsystem

Is there a way to have aliases for a printer (like Sunos 4.x)?
Also, if you are setting up a remote queue using the admintool, you
must name the local queue the same name as the remote queue. Is there
a way around this?

Any insight into the lp subsystem would be helpful,

Dennis Sacks                      

         at Info Enterprises      

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