Anyway to limit the bandwidth a server can use?

Anyway to limit the bandwidth a server can use?

Post by Sylvain Mart » Wed, 17 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I was wondering if there's any way for me to sort of lower the throughput of a
server connected on a ethernet segment? I'd like to do this because I'd like
to limit the overuse of bandwidth on one of our shell machines. The only thing
that comes to mind is a 115Kbps PPP connection thru the serial port connected
to a terminal server directly, but I need something like 384Kbps or 512Kbps

Montreal, Qc, Canada


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Ok, to start, some facts:

- I have a local network within my home, with IP addresses in the subnet, assigned via DHCP
- I'm using a linux 2.2.19 machine as a router/server, that does IP
masquerading to allow all the machines within my network to share the
one internet connection I have. The local network interface is eth0,
while the internet connection is ppp0 (or eth1).
 - I have an ADSL connection with 640 kilobits/sec downstream (80
kilobytes/sec), 90 kilobits/sec upstream (11.25 kilobytes/sec).
My service provider (Verizon Online) is rather facist with their
bandwidth allocation -- when anymore than 50% of my upstream bandwidth
is utilized, it cuts into my downstream. So say I'm downloading
something at 70 kilobytes/sec, and another computer on my network is
sending some data upstream, at 8 kilobytes/sec, my download speed will
drop to about 10kilobytes/sec, and it will stay that way until the
upstream bandwidth is no longer used.
 - I have iproute2 installed with support built into the kernel

I want to setup some kind of traffic shaping policy so each computer
in the network can only send a certain kilobytes/sec upstream, via the
adsl interface (ppp0).

I have read the linux advanced routing howto, and that only left me
really confused. I fiddled around with the tc command but
unfortunately I wasn't able to make any progress.

I would really appreciate any help anyone could give me.

Thanks in advance,

Paul Lesiak

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