SCSI 3310 Storedge

SCSI 3310 Storedge

Post by Tonton Davi » Thu, 30 Jan 2003 01:45:22

Does anyone already connect 2 Sun serveurs on 1 Sun Storedge Scsi 3310.
How i can do this ?

SCSI 3310 Storedge

Post by Fredrik Lundho » Thu, 30 Jan 2003 07:20:08

>Does anyone already connect 2 Sun serveurs on 1 Sun Storedge Scsi 3310.
>How i can do this ?


print it out.


Fredrik Lundholm  


1. Sun Storedge 3310: More problems - 3310 Users: I need your HELP

Well, since we installed that piece of harware (I'm tempted to use another
word, but first, I'll make sure that we are facing an isolated case) we have
had only problems.

This is a dual redundant controller config. We have installed the latest
firmware 3.25S. It is configured with dual drive channel. We have 8 disks
forming two 4-disks Raid 0+1 mirrors (No spare, I know I should have one but
we are on a very tight budget and we have a 4 hour spare replacement part

Both host channels are used and connected to the same database server. We
are not using SCSI multi-pathing.

On the first day we installed it, we had a failed battery (amber light), it
would not charge.

We replaced it. About 2 weeks later, the battery indicator was always
showing a charge of about 20%. We had the other battery replaced. That fixed
the problem, battery was showing 80% charge most of the time.

It's been 3 weeks since then and now we are AGAIN facing the battery

This controller (Not made by sun, by the way) seems crappy at best.  Hey, we
bought this stuff to get CONFIDENCE and REDUNDANCY for our data.

The other problem we have is that from time to time we have the following in
the 3310 event log:

[1102] CHL:0 Drive SCSI Channel ALERT: Gross Phase/Signal Error Detected
Mon Jan 12 19:30:32 2004
[110F] CHL:0 SCSI Drive Channel ALERT: SCSI Bus Reset Issued  Mon Jan 12
19:30:32 2004

Not the most encouraging message ! There does not seem to be any error in
the host /var/adm/message but I wonder if our data is really safe in this
box.  It's not in production yet but will be in 2 weeks.

Is anyone using a 3310 and do you face similar problems ?

Thanks for your time

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