Newbie needs boost in right direction.

Newbie needs boost in right direction.

Post by Martin Hepwort » Fri, 26 Mar 1999 04:00:00

You need some software called samba -

If you have a graphics screen you can login and get a file manager type
app up, but without samba you won't able to share stuff with PC's, just
ftp files around..


> Hi All and thanks for reading,

>   We are a location of approximately 500 networked PCs, on a
> novelle-microsoft network.  We have indentified a need for a unix ws, and
> recently purchased the equivalent of a sun ultra-sparc 10, running solaris
> 2.6.  We have it on the network, as we can ping other PCs, but don't know
> where to goto from here.  I don't know if the operating system already has a
> file manager, or we need to get other software to see shared folders/files.
> I would appreciate a response to my e'mail:

> Thanks very much.

> Stan Cehonski (sha hon' ski)
> Project Engineer
> Mail Stop  R-11
> Philips Broadband Networks
> 100 Fairgrounds Dr.
> Manlius, NY 13104
> Voice (315) 682-9157x2581


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