miro CRYSTAL 22SD for Sol2.4 x86

miro CRYSTAL 22SD for Sol2.4 x86

Post by Gerhard Kla » Tue, 19 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I want to use the miro CRYSTAL 22SD for Sol2.4 x86, but I don't
find the correct driver.

On DU9 I only see the 20SD and the 40SV and they don't work.

If anyone know an solution please sent me a mail.

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1. S3 Trio64 miro crystal 22SD 2 MB

Datum: 20.12.95, Zeit: 09:25
date:  20 Dec 95   time: 09:25


I have got a miro crystal 22 SD PCI graphic card with 2 MB RAM and a
S3Trio64 chip (86C764K).
The card seems to run fine with some standard settings for S3 chips, but
I haven't found a special entry for a S3Trio64 chips?
(the monitor is a 48kHZ 14" multisync , runs with 1024x768x16k colors)

Can anyone supply a better setting for the chip ?


                    WWW: http://www.hmi.de/~cbu/cb/cb.html

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