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We have some proccess that must bu run as the database user, but want that
run it by the operator

process_a  (dbowner:group)
process_b  (dbowner:group)

I've tried a script that

$ pg proccess

I set user id on execution

$ chmod 4750 process

$ ls -la process

-rwsr-xr-x   1 dbowner   group          103 Aug  9 16:24 process

but when I run the 'process' with user operator don't have permissions.
What's the mistake?



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I am trying to have Netscape use the Mail folder on one of my DOS
partitions, so as to keep all the mail in one place. This works fine for
root, but as a user Netscape can't do this because the user lacks write
permission for the file. Not surprising so far, but no matter what I
try, I can't add write permission for this set of files for "anyone" but
the owner, root. I have fooled around with groups and alternate users,
tried the graphical permission, console 'chmod', but nothing ever
changes. I never get any errors, just no result. I found a place to
change root's ability to make changes from 700 and put 777 just to see,
but even then, nothing. How can it be that root can write to these
files, but cannot bestow permission on "anyone" else?

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