offline dialup access to mail/news

offline dialup access to mail/news

Post by Angel De La Cr » Sun, 27 Nov 1994 07:03:57

I have a Sparc10 w/ Solaris 2.3.  I can dialup the machine from home
and login.  I would like to automatically dial in from home, login,
transfer my mail, logout, and hangup.  What are the best/cheapest methods for
doing this from both a Windows machine and another Unix machine?

I would also like to setup something similar for news.  Automatically go in
and transfer the headers of all unread news for all newsgroups, hangup, and
then later dialup again and get just the articles I designate.  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.  


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Currently i'm only using windoze to email and read news. This sucks
Now I want to setup linux for mail and news. I have ppp working. I
want to be able to read/write email and news offline. Also, i'd like
to be able to retreave only the headers of the news messages.
My isp uses pop3, nntp and smtp. I don't know if uucp is possible, but
at the login I can only choose ppp or slip.
My question is: can anybody give me a list of programs that do the
thing for me? Just the names, I'll find out how to setup them myself.
Yes, i've read the offline-howto.

Erik Hensema
Please remove the "delete_me" in my address before replying.

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