4mm tape/ufsdump question...

4mm tape/ufsdump question...

Post by Jeff Kopman » Sat, 14 May 1994 11:01:03

We are running Solaris 2.3 and have the nifty Archive 4mm tape drives.
They're supposed to write out 5GB or more when compression is used.  We use
ufsdump for our backups, but it seems that the tapes aren't always used as
efficiently as possible.

This is the command line we use to backup:
   ufsdump 0bf 96 /dev/rmt/0cn /dev/md/rdsk/d1    (yes, we use ODS)

Are there better parameter settings to guarantee that the entire tape will
be used?  Our drives recognize the end of tape all on their own.

An aside...  we've got an 8mm 5GB drive that Sun claims will write out 10GB
if I set the thing to compress, etc (they're curiously thin in the details

Any experiences with either of these drives would be most helpful.

-Jeff.  :)
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