NIS+ (SunOS5.3) help requested

NIS+ (SunOS5.3) help requested

Post by Matt Wet » Tue, 04 Jan 1994 03:23:54

Seen lurking in /var/adm/messages ...

 Jan  2 06:00:00 grover ...

What's this mean?  How do I fix it?
I think it happened as part of a nis checkpoint.



NIS+ (SunOS5.3) help requested

Post by Michael Rei » Mon, 24 Jan 1994 20:12:07

Ok, here's the deal.

I am currently in the works of designing a system, which will have to be
set up and running in a few months.  I need to support a large number of
users through high-speed modems, and also through a T1 line to the
Internet.  The prototyping for the server has been done on a Sun using
SunOs 4.1.1.  What I need from the operating system is:
Multitasking  (goes without saying)
Multithreading: the server is designed to spawn threads for each user,
  these threads interact through monitors to a large amount of data,
  and pass messages to each other.  Multithreading because I want
  these threads in the same address space (i.e. the same process)
UNIX socket support: for network communications
Good tty support for fast modems
Efficient memory management: the system needs access to lots of information
  quickly, and without programmer overhead.

I am expecting to have to support up to 64 users over modem lines, plus
as many as I can cram over the T1 line (the protocol for the service
requires a bandwith of 1000-3000 cps, so I guestimate 50-100 users)

The fine folks over at Sun recommend a SparcSystem 10, running Solaris.
Good points: 135 MIPS with one processor (ability to add up to 4 gives me
  an advertised 500 MIPS).  Multithreading support which allows separate
  threads to be run on separate processors efficiently.  A large background
  of support and services.  
Bad points: $23,000 for the machine (yes, its loaded, but $1995 for a
  c++ development package? $2000 for a tape backup? this stuff is expensive!)

I also considered several smaller Suns running in a network, but I think
that any cost effectiveness will be lost in the extra hassle.
I also know little about the "real dirt" on Solaris, as far as its good
points versus bad.  
Also, the machine may be a bit "overpowered" at this point (is there such
a thing?)

Another option is an Intel based 486 or Pentium machine, running Linux,
UnixWare, or some other x86 UNIX flavour.  I have not had very much
experience with x86 Unices, and I expect that even the fastest Intel
PC will not be able to give me the UNIX power I want.  
Good Point: these machines are *cheap*, and hardware for them is *cheaper*,
and the UNIX is either *cheap* or -*<free>*-.
Bad Point: will it keep up with the modems, and the T1 line?  Will my
programming interface be the usual cluster* I have come to expect
from programming DOS on these same machines?

At Comdex Fall 93 in Vegas I saw them demo'ing the PowerPC, and it was
very impressive, although I had a hard time getting any real details from
the people there. Does anyone know about this machine, what hardware does
it support, what software can I run on it, and most importantly, who
do I get ahold of to pitch me on one?

In summary, I am asking for advice on the best machine/OS combination
fo my task.  Any replies will be appreciated, *even* flames (you know,
some people never _think_ unless they're griping about something)
E-mail would especially be appreciated.

Unless I find a better solution, I am currently working on finanacing
the Sparc 10.