System Load info -Solaris: kstat?

System Load info -Solaris: kstat?

Post by Nataraj Nagaratn » Tue, 18 Jul 1995 04:00:00


I'm trying to gather the system load information (for  1, 5 and 15 mins prior).
As of my understanding, I should use the kstat related data/procedures.

So, a part of my code looks something like this:

---------  code starts

 if (!(ksp = kstat_lookup(kc, "unix", 0, "system_misc"))) return FAILURE;
 if (kstat_read(kc, ksp, NULL) == -1) return FAILURE;

 load_5   = (double) ((kstat_named_t *) kstat_data_lookup(ksp,"avenrun_1min"))->value.l \
                                                         / FSCALE;
 load_5   = (double) ((kstat_named_t *) kstat_data_lookup(ksp,"avenrun_5min"))->value.l \
                                                         / FSCALE;
 load_15  = (double) ((kstat_named_t *) kstat_data_lookup(ksp,"avenrun_15min"))->value.l \
                                                         / FSCALE;

------------- code end

Now, when I compile my code and run, I recv a segmentation fault in "kstat_data_lookup"
and debugging it I find that the 'data section' ( kstat->ks_data ) is NULL (0x0)
where as the ks_data_size is 432  (below is the "printed" info from gdb)

--------------------- debugged info starts

$1 = {ks_crtime = 0x0000000048c2a004, ks_next = 0x26490, ks_kid = 11,
  ks_module = "unix", '\000' <repeats 26 times>, ks_resv = 0 '\000',
  ks_instance = 0, ks_name = "system_misc", '\000' <repeats 19 times>,
  ks_type = 1 '\001', ks_class = "misc", '\000' <repeats 26 times>,
  ks_flags = 1 '\001', ks_data = 0x0, ks_ndata = 9, ks_data_size = 432,
  ks_snaptime = 0x00033c8bffdef718,
  ks_update = 0xf0096e48 <_elf_jbuf+9284392>, ks_private = 0x0,
  ks_snapshot = 0xf0096c10 <_elf_jbuf+9283824>, ks_lock = 0x0}
------------------------ debugged info ends --

I dont understand why the ks_data portion is NULL. Is there something I need to do
earlier? What should I do .... Is there a small specific routine to get the system load
information that I can access. (this metrics retrieval is a very MINOR part of
a big project i am working on ..and I am stuck here 8-(

Any help appreciated.

Pl let me know if I should post this somewhere else ...

thanks a ton,


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The application (sort of a vmstat/w type of program) looks
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I found some sysinfo data structures in header files (sysinfo, cpu_sysinfo
in <sys/sysinfo.h> that seem  to have the info I need.  I found a sysinfo
structure in the kernel namelist bu no cpu_sysinfo.

Then I noticed that things like ps and w and programs looking for this
type of kernel info, use /dev/kstat.  There also seems to use some kstat
library routines (kstatopen(), kstat_lookup(), etc) to look at the
system_misc_kstat structure.  There is even a libstat.a hanging around
and a kstat.h header file..

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the please point me to some documentation about this stuff?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


David Perlin

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