Remote and network printer problems

Remote and network printer problems

Post by New Jers » Wed, 24 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I'm having a rather frustrating problem with network printing at my site.
We have approx. 60 printers (mostly dot matrix for multipart form printing)
connected to a Sun SPARCcenter 2000E via Sun NTS's (Xylogics Annex 3's).
The terminal servers are not cutting it!  We have terrible problems with
freezes and lost jobs.  We've tried using HP JetDirect EX3's, but they only
work on our parallel printers.  Now we have found a few print boxes that
have built in lpd support, so we've tried using them as remote printer
servers.  The problem we incurr there, is that anytime a printer fault is
detected (paper runs out, or operator takes the printer offline, etc..)
Solaris respools the print job.

Can anyone help?  Does anyone have any possible solutions?

System stats:
        Solaris 2.4 (Completely patched)
        Serial and Parallel Printers
        Wide area network (remote printing across routers)

Thanks for your help

                Adam S. Davis
                UNIX Systems Analyst
                Paranet, Inc.


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