rpc.nisd exits abnormally

rpc.nisd exits abnormally

Post by HU » Wed, 22 Jun 1994 10:26:37

We are running Solaris 2.3 on a Sparc Center 2000 with most of the patches
installed.  The machine is configured as a NIS+ server.  From time to time,
the process "rpc.nisd -r" exits abnormally, especially right after reboot when
the process is started from /etc/rc2.d/S71rpc.  We then restart the rpc.nisd
manually and everything will work fine then.  Does anyone have any idea what
happen, or what patches are we missing?  

Another question is : can we compressed patch files in /var/sadm/patch 'cause
they are eating up a great deal amount of disk space?

Any suggestion is welcomed.  Thank you very much for your kind attention!

Sandie Hui
City Polytechnic of Hong Kong

voice : 852-788-8293


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Hi All,

    I figured this one out.  The install program (Anaconda)
can not handle more than one scsi cdrom drive.  So, shutdown,
power off, unplug the power to all but one scsi cdrom
drive -- the one with the install disk in it.

   And, try again.  After installation, shutdown, power off, replug
the cdrom drives, power backup.  All your extra drives will
appear in /dev  (/dev/scd0, /dev/scd1, ...).


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