running program at specific idle time

running program at specific idle time

Post by Cute Winsome L » Fri, 25 Feb 1994 21:39:39

 I'm working under Solaris 2.3 w/ the BSD compatibility package on
a Sun 4/690 mainframe. What I want to do is invoke a tty locking
program similar to BSD's "lock" if my telnet connection has an idle
of 15 minutes. (15 is an arbitrary number, it could be something

So, I figure 1) I either need to find something in the system that
will run a program when the tty idle hits 15 minutes, or 2) I need
some way of figuring out the idle inside a program I write and run
as a cron job.

Can anyone out there help me in either of those two ways, or in any
way I can't foresee?

I'd appreciate it.



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