CDE & multiple Front Panels/dtwms ...

CDE & multiple Front Panels/dtwms ...

Post by Petros Michal » Sun, 06 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hello all,
these are the first days of our CDE installation (taking over motif)
and things are still shaky, to be exact our standard configuration on
every workstation is 2 cgsix framebuffers to drive two displays and it
seems like CDE is not really optimized to handle this configuration.
I always get one
front panel (which is ok according to the CDE answerbook pages) but the
advantage of the virtual workspaces is simply not there on the second
screen. Whereas the primary display :0.0 can switch between any number
of virtual workspaces, the secondary display :0.1 will always stay
idle at the same workspace. I at least hopped that the second display
would switch workspaces together with the primary one but this is not
the case...The second problem is that I can tell dtwm to manage only
the primary display and then start another CDE window manager like
this "/usr/dt/bin/dtwn -display :0.1" which *interferes* greatly
with the operation of the other dtwm but *does* bring up a second
front panel...

I'd apreciate any comments or suggestions on utilizing better the
second display/screen on workstations under CDE V1.0

Thank you,
        Petros Michalis

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