Simple way to creat a window

Simple way to creat a window

Post by Stefan Panto » Sat, 22 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I am writing a small application for my dad on a Sun WorkStation and I
need to create a window which I can draw into. What is the simplest way
of making a window in C which well also compile on a Silicon Graphics
running Irix (Don't know the version)?
It would be a help if you could direct me to some example code to if you

Thank you Stefan


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: >Ah, but *this* way is much more satisfying:
: >
: >  Linux# mkfs /dev/hda1 ...
: Oh, please.  The MINIX fs is sooooo limiting.  Only a little better than 8+3.
: #mke2fs /dev/hda1

Does this extended filesystem incorporates all the improvements from the
fast file system (berkeley) ?
Specifically, does it has ?
        - bitmaps instead of free list
        - blocks and fragments
        - cylinder groups
        - etc ...

On a related topic, the last version of SCO has also loosed the 14 char
limitation in file names, and added symbolic links.
Does anybody knows if they have also incorporated the other changes?

: THAT's satisfying.

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