Dialin using Solaris 2.1

Dialin using Solaris 2.1

Post by Mike Matthe » Sun, 11 Jul 1993 01:51:17

Is *ANYONE* using a Solaris 2.1 Sparc LX for a modem dialin server, and does
it work?

We're using an Aurora SBus serial port expansion card and Digicom Scout Plus
modems.  Reliability seems to depend on about five thousand random variables.
One call it works, the next it doesn't.  Sometimes it goes into limbo until
you reboot, and I think it may be causing the LX to lock up every now and

I've got a cron job that resets the modem every ten minutes if its not in
use, as that *sometimes* fixes things (since the modem's left in limbo if the
connect fails and the modem does not notice there ain't nothing on the other
end, which requires a reset), but it also sometimes kills the port monitor
(nice feature, that -- anyone else able to kill sacadm if they do pmadm too
many times in a row?).

This solution is not a solution.  Here are the patches I've installed:


I've exhausted every idea I can think of as to why the dialin is behaving
like this.  Usually when it fails you get the login: prompt and nothing else.
Data is being transmitted to the system, but it's as if /usr/bin/login
forgets it's supposed to be listening on that tty.  Here's the entry in
/etc/ttydefs that the pmadm call uses:

dialin:38400 hupcl:38400 sane crtscts -evenp hupcl::dialin

Annd, here's the pmadm call for each line:

pmadm -r -p cseight -s tty1
pmadm -a -p cseight -s tty1 -i root -f u -v 1 -y 'Port 0' -m "`ttyadm -d
/dev/term/0 -s /usr/bin/login -l dialin -c -T vt100 -m ldterm,ttcompat`"

(I also tried pmadm -e -p cseight -s tty1, but that usually caused more
problems and it wasn't necessary anyway)

This is set up for 8N1, any baud rate (computer-modem locked at 38400, which
I was told by Aurora folks, when they did answer my Email, the card can

If you've gotten dialin to work reliably on Solaris 2.x, what hardware are
you using?

Thanks for any help.  I'm grasping at straws.

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1. Dialin on Solaris 2.1 - helllp

Perhaps someone out there can help me.  I certainly hope so.

Here's the situation:  I've got a Sparc LX running Solaris 2.1. It's got an
Aurora 800S serial expansion card on it. We've got a few modems on that
(Digicom Scout Plus).

We want 8N1 dialin.

Here's the setup:

$ sacadm -L -p cseight

$ pmadm -L -p cseight
::vt100::#Port 0
::vt100::#Port 4

$ grep dialin /etc/ttydefs
dialin:38400 hupcl:38400 sane crtscts -evenp hupcl::dialin

Here's the command that puts the ports in operation:

pmadm -a -p cseight -s tty1 -i root -f u -v 1 -y 'Port 0' -m "`ttyadm -d
/dev/term/0 -s /usr/bin/login -l dialin -c -T vt100 -m ldterm,ttcompat`"

What's the problem, you ask?  Well, this only works sometimes.  Usually it
works once, then any subsequent attempts give "login:" and accept no input.
*Usually* pmadm -r -p cseight -s ttyX works, then pmadm -a -p cseight ...
again, but that isn't a guaranteed action either.

So what the heck am I doing wrong?  Is this a cabling issue?  That doesn't
make sense because it does work sometimes; it's almost as if the CTS/RTS is
playing with my mind or something.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

I haven't installed any patches <yet> to Solaris 2.1, but I do have some
waiting to be sucked down and installed; none of their descriptions had
anything to do with this, though.

Thanks for your time,

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