sendmail problem

sendmail problem

Post by Oon-Gil Pa » Tue, 06 Apr 1993 18:18:15

sendmail is not working properly, so the only way to fix this is
to understand well the /etc/mail/, and find a correct
configuration. However,I don't have any manual about "rule set" which
is the most critical part on the conf file so basically I just got
stuck. Where can I get an instruction for "rule set"?

Thanx in advance.



1. sendmail problem 1.2.13 sendmail server.....child wait

Hello ..

I upgraded from kernel 1.0.9 to 1.2.13

now my sendmail outgoing is become veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

In ps -ax I see always sendmail : server ..... child wait

in my mailq I see the messages a being processed

after 3- 5 minutes is is send out..

When I go back to linux 1.0.9 everything is back to normal..

The mail is send over compressed slip, using DIP..

did someone had the same experience and solved the problem?...

greetings sikko de graaf

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