SunFire X4200 BIOS freeze on boot

SunFire X4200 BIOS freeze on boot

Post by Morten Green Hermanse » Fri, 09 Dec 2005 06:49:20

Hello all!

I got a SunFire X4200 without a CDROM drive. So I wanted to install the
OS using the javaRConsole webapplication.
 From the redirection menu of javaRC I attach on .ISO file that I want
to  boot.
I have edited the BIOS so the proirity of the booting process makes the
(redirected) CDROM boot first.

When it tried to boot the last thing I see is:
USB device(s)1 Keyboard, 1 Mouse, 1 Hup, 2 Storage Devices
Auto-detecting USB Mass Storage Devices ..
Device #01 : AMI Virtual CDROM
Device #02 : AMI Virtual Floppy
02 USB mass storage devices found and configured.

And then it freezes. 7 pixels in different colors appears at random
positions on the last two empty lines (seriously! And NO I have not been
smoking anything! :-) )

I then went into the configuration of the build-in SAS1064 SCSI
controller (pressing Ctrl-C on startup) and disabled the booting from
SCSI. THEN the booting of the USB CDROM actually works!
It really seems like a bug in the BIOS?!?

The only difference from the standard hardware configuration is that I
have installed an Adaptec 2130SLP controller to connect to my external
DAS array.

Anybody seen this or know a workaround?

Best regards,
- Morten Green Hermansen, Fanitas


1. Unable to mirror OS (Sol10) disk using BIOS Integrated Mirror on SF X4200.

blackfin# uname -a
SunOS blackfin 5.10 Generic_Patch_118844-30 i86pc i386 i86pc

Four 73 GB SAS drives installed.

LSI BIOS/ILOM code upgrade to version 9306

Entering the LSI Logic MPT Setup Utility

Choosing 'RAID Properties'

Choosing 'Create IM Volume'

Selecting drive '0' ('+' in column 'RAID Disk')

Selecting 'M' to keep existing data

  *"WARNING! There is currently not enough empty space at the end of        *
  *this disk to create an array. Using this disk in an array will           *
  *result in loss of ALL data on the disk.                                  *

Creating an Integrated Mirror on disks 2 and 3 works fine but the BIOS also
insists on erasing the Primary (=source) disk, which is no major problem in
the case of a non-system disk.


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