NTP Configuration

NTP Configuration

Post by MegaSurg » Tue, 16 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I need some help on configuring NTP across two different subnets with
Solaris 7.  I've never done this before and don't have any good links to
any resources.  I basically need to configure ntp two servers with
multiple ntp clients across two seperate subnets.  Can someone help me
on this or point me to some nice written doc or resource?  Any help will
be appreciated.  

P.S.  Please email responses directly to me.  Thank You.

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At AIX 4.2 the xntpd is included. This should solve the cross-router
problem with timed.

I do have a very simple question. How to configure two
router-seperated RS/6000's for NTP ?

The idea is to configure one as a master, the other as slave (backup
master). The systems should exchange time-synchonisation every four
hours or so.

Perhaps there is a WWW source with manual pages included ?

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