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New to sys admin.
Can anyone explain the significance of spool directory.


Post by stuart_abrams_humphr.. » Wed, 10 May 2006 00:44:38

/var/sadm/spool is the default patch spool directory - essentially the
default location where downloaded patches are placed prior to them
being installed...



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Quote:> New to sys admin.
> Can anyone explain the significance of spool directory.

In the usual case "spool" is used to store files which can change very often.
Not quite the same as temporary files which go into /tmp (/var/tmp) since these
files usually contain usefull data (for example /var/spool/lp for printer

The filesystem(5) manualpage also explains as much although I think its a bit
outdated since that still mentiones /var/spool/pkg being used for all this.

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