unable to get a crash dump

unable to get a crash dump

Post by getridofthes.. » Sat, 17 Sep 2005 17:19:16

hi all,

hitting STOP A, and then 'sync' to get a crash
dump fails with "Panic sync time out". What could the
reason be? system is solaris 9, cluster + veritas.

tnx in advance for any google or url.


1. How can I dump the contents of a crash/dump part'n onto floppy?

System:  386 running AT&T System V/386 Release 3.2.2
         Dedicated crash/dump partition on disk 0

This system is configured with a dedicated crash/dump slice, which is
used to store the dump file in the event of a panic.  Works just fine
with crash(1).

If I *didn't* have a dedicated slice and a panic occured, I guess I
would be prompted upon next boot if I wanted to save the dump file
onto floppy or tape.  I'm assuming that the routine is smart enough
to split the dump over multiple floppies and reassemble it later somehow?

Anyway, my problem: I need to give a dump to the network vendor to help
diagnose the network problem causing the panic.  How do I copy the
contents of that slice onto floppies in such a way that they can turn
around and upload it at their end?  dd(1) doesn't do multi-volume.
cpio doesn't copy the contents character special devices (right?).
So, how do I unload it to floppy????  Am I missing something simple?
I guess I could write something in C to do it, but it seems that there
should be an easier way.  I RTFM'd all through the sections on panics
and crash(1) and such.

Any help appreciated.  Followups to comp.unix.admin.


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