utmp[x] entries for xterms get overwritten

utmp[x] entries for xterms get overwritten

Post by Chris Thomps » Thu, 22 Oct 1998 04:00:00

There's a [usually] low-frequency but annoying effect that's been affecting
our Solaris 2 systems for years (2.x for several different x; currently x=5
but I'm fairly sure the effect is still there in 2.6 as well). The utmp[x]
entries for xterm sessions occasionally get overwritten by entries for other
sessions, causing e.g. "logname" to give no output, rc=1, and so forth.

I have become fairly convinced that the effect is specific to xterm entries,
or nearly so. However it happened both with the entries created by xterm's
running setuid=root, but also by those created by utmp_update when xterm is
unprivileged, which is how we have things currently.

Has anyone else seen an effect like this? I have wondered whether to put some
effort into tracing all updates to /etc/utmp[x], but decided a question to
this newsgroup might be a little easier...

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Well I checked sunsolve online and it says it's a know bug and even making
/var/adm/utmp world-writable doesn't work (a truss shows that it's opened
for RDWR but it's never written to.)

According to Sunsolve online this has been known since at least 2.4.
Any chances of this being fixed before Solaris 2.8?

At the moment users are not getting the shutdown broadcasts when they
start xterms with rsh from PCs so this is a royal pain...


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