:Porting from SC3.0.1 to SC4.0.1

:Porting from SC3.0.1 to SC4.0.1

Post by Lee Fook He » Sat, 06 May 1995 04:00:00


I'd like to check if you have any experience in porting a
C++ application from SC 3.0.1 to SC 4.0.1??

Is there a lot of differences between the 2 versions of c++??

-- Lee, Fook Heng


1. SC3.0.1 - how to call user-defined C++ operators in dbx?

Hopefully this is a simple question for someone "in the know."  I'm
using SC3.0.1 (CC -V reports: CC: SC3.0.1 02 Mar 1995, dbx doesn't seem
to understand -V).

Is there anyway I can call an overloaded C++ operator from dbx?  I
have my own operator const char *() const defined on a class.  The "call"
command doesn't seem to be able to handle the spaces in the function
name, and casting an instance of the class to (const char *) doesn't work
either (it reports that I can't cast a class).

Can anyone give me some hints about how to call (or more generally,
how to simply refer to) a user-defined operator function in the debugger?

Thanks for any help,


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