dp-4.0 on UltraSparc anyone?

dp-4.0 on UltraSparc anyone?

Post by Jarrod Stenbe » Fri, 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I've spent much time getting dp-4.0 to run on my Sparc Utlra AX.

Finally, it dials, connects and appears to succesfully log in, then during
or after the ip negotiation (I have a static IP), BLAMO.

panic[cpu0]/thread=0x3002bec0: trap

is the error message.

I have a feeling that the problem is unique to my machine.  i cannot find
any patches that are specific to the problem, or that are vaguely related.

I have installed the recommended patches from sunsolve1.sun.com to no

Has anyone heard of this and can anyone help?


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        When I try to start the daemon,  I get an error saying that
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        thanks, email preferred.

        Phil Maechling

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